10 Clever Ways Government Uses To Make People In Control

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One of the few things that give people the sense of individuality is the fact that no one can make anyone do anything against his wishes. As long as people think they’re doing something on their own accord, they’re fine with it. It’s only when you force someone to do something, by pointing a gun to his head, for example, that he feels threatened and tries to rebel. This is the basic instinct within any human, and so, when governments are faced with a situation where they need to control people’s behaviour, they opt for more sly approaches which make use of basic psychology. This ensures that people act as required by the governing body without causing unnecessary rebellions.

While the things that we’re talking about are meant for the good, or so says the larger picture, it is still kinda scary to think that government can control the way we think, even without us even realising that we’re secretly being controlled. However, the kind of things they do to control us are quite unique, creative and intriguing, and below are a few of the popular techniques the government uses. Check it out!

1. Armrests on public benches

The armrests on public benches look like they’ve been made to provide more comfort, right? Wrong! The real reason armrests are added in between the benches is to keep homeless people, tired people and drunk people from sleeping on it.

2. Fake CCTV cameras

Buying and installing CCTV cameras in every corner of the city is a financially huge task, and so, big brother came up with an innovative technique to reduce costs while making sure the fear of being watched keeps people from doing anything stupid. And the idea was to install fake cameras that look absolutely real.

3. Empty police cars

In huge cities, it is tough to have enough manpower to spread across the whole area, and so, the police park their vehicles in various places to simply make it appear like there’s a good amount of police presence in the area.

4. Uses of spikes

Spikes are often used on the top of walls and ground for a similar reason as the addition of armrests to public benches- these spikes are added to discourage people from sitting at certain places.

5. Small trash can openings

Trash cans are given small openings to keep people from dumping big things into them, as if they did, the government would have to spend more on the workers who clear the trash cans.

6. Anti-sticker covers on poles and lampposts

The government often consider stickering put on poles and lampposts as acts of vandalism, and so, to curb the menace, anti-sticker covers are put over the surfaces of poles and lampposts.

7. Half benches

8. Thin sidewalks in suburbs

In the suburbs, sidewalks are often quite thin, while the roads are wide and large, and there’s a reason for that. And the reason is that the government wants suburbs to be well connected and subtly intertwined with the major cities so as to boost housing prices on the outskirts.

9. Unconventional benches

Several unconventional benches can be seen which serve purposes similar to half benches. But apart from that, these unconventional benches provide an avenue to use something for more than one purpose, making it very economical as well!

10. Metal studs

Metal studs were introduced on several surfaces to curb the menace of unwanted skating. And it’s safe to say that it has worked out quite well.

It looks like psychological applications can really be very useful!


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