7 Perfect Tech Gifts For Fashion Crazed People

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Imagine if we could just club fashion and technology together and make something amazing that is fashionable as well as techy. We call them wearable devices or wearable fashion. If you have friends who happen to have immense love for gadgets and fashion, here are few amazingly awesome things you can gift them.

1. Everpurse x by Kate Spade New York

It’s a purse collection with a SmartPocket that can charge your iPhone wirelessly. You have three style options including a wristlet, small harmony tote, and large Frieda tote.

The bags have aesthetically no difference from the normal designer bags but the technology they carry make them special. It comes with a USB powered charging which can charge it again. They are a practical charging option while you travel. Price ranges from $198 to $698.

2. Colour changing Backpack from The Unseen

The collection has a calfskin backpack that responds to air pressure or atmospheric brushing on the surface, an Italian alligator-skin shoulder bag with responsive ink. The bag changes colors for various seasons. It’s black in winters, red in the spring, blue in the summer and green fading to red in the autumn.

Several other items also respond to body temperature, the wind, sunlight, and touch. The options are necklaces, cuffs, wallet, phone cases, backpacks, scarves, and more. Price ranges from $55-$2,650.

3. Altruis by Vinaya3. Altruis by Vinaya

Altruis is here to check adverse impacts of smartphones on people. It has an iOS app that connects your rings, bracelets, and necklaces to your phone. These accessories will vibrate to prompt you about important calls, emails or texts. At other times, you can avoid phone distractions. The bonus is that the jewelry is stunning. Prices would be $345-$430.

4. Unmade by Knyttan4. Unmade by Knyttan

Unmade is a customizable sweaters and scarves range by Knyttan. You can choose the colours and designs. The items can even be made on the spot. The company uses traditional knitting machines in advanced ways to print one off designs that are cheaper. Price range would be $90-$300.

5. Tracking Jewellery from Misfit x BaubleBar5. Tracking Jewellery from Misfit x BaubleBar

With the aesthetics that it provides, Misfit is placed in the most fashionable tracking device wearables brands. It’s partnership with the online jewellery brand BaubleBar takes it higher. The Helena Necklace and Helena Bracelet are inspired by vintage designs and have a gold enclosure designed like a flower. It’s embedded with Misfit Flash tracking device that checks your sleep, calories burned, distance travelled, etc. They can cost you $69.99.

6. Payment Accessories from Topshop x bPay6. Payment Accessories from Topshop x bPay

Topshop is a line of accessories that help you make payments. You can pay for your buys using your iPhone case, wristband, or even keyrings. The designs come with a monster fish print, and the target is youngsters. The accessories have bPay chip linking to a secure digital wallet. Anybody who has a UK Visa or Mastercard or a credit card can pay via Topshop. Adding money would be possible through the bPay mobile app or web portal. These would cost you$22-$48.

7. Smart Bands by Gemio7. Smart Bands by Gemio

The brand makes high-tech friendship bracelets enabling self-expression and connection with others. You can snap on and off different Gemsets and set light sequences using 20 RGB LEDs. You can connect your bracelet to your friends by signature patterns. It will light up when you both are nearby and can also gesture like wave hello or a wrist twists and color changes. The color changes according to their shirt colors. Bracelets would cost you $80 and Gemsets $20.

So which tech blended fashion you liked the most? Share your thoughts.

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