Couple ends relationship with bizarre ‘break-up photoshoot’

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Some destroy photos of their exes after a break-up, but not this former couple.

Instead, Harrison Bach and his ex, Jackie, decided to capture one last memory together — with a break-up photoshoot.

The photos showing unhappier times became an instant meme when Bach posted them on Monday.

Bach, a 22-year-old student at Western Michigan University, said that the photoshoot was a joke, but the misery depicted was real.

“It ended up being really real emotions and we got kind of sad,” Bach told Mashable.

For the awkward shoot, the exes reunited for the first time since their break-up a year ago. The high school sweethearts dated for three-and-a-half years before they decided in college to end their relationship.

Bach, who has a tripod, was the mastermind behind the photoshoot, and his ex was game.

“I see my friends who are in relationships doing really nice professional photography photoshoots,” he said. “I had the idea of doing the same thing in the same setting, but post-relationship, in a different way.”

He shared the photos on Facebook, and then one of his friends posted them to Twitter, where they quickly achieved meme status.

“When your girlfriend comes back from war but she’s not the same,” said one Twitter user mocking the dramatic photos.

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