Easy And Quick Way To View Wi-Fi Password On Android

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Have you ever wondered how to view Wi-Fi password on your phone?

Step 1: Download And Install Root Explorer

You need to have Root Explorer on your Android Phone. Now open the app and get the permission to Root access.

Step 2: Open Root Explorer >> Click On DATA Option

Step 3: Locate misc Option >> Click On It

Now, find the misc option as shown in the figure and click on it.

Step 4: Scroll Down Screen >> Find Wi-FI Option >> Click On It 

Step 5: Now, Click on wpa_supplicant.conf option

Step 6: You will find all the saved Wi-Fi passwords

Now, you will be prompt to next screen, where you can see all the saved Wi-Fi and their information including the password.

So, this is the easy and quick way to view Wi-Fi password on Android. From now onward, you will be able to view the password if your friend or anyone connects it to your device.

Enjoy and have fun!