Hilarious ‘Reality Vs Expectation’ Photos Will Make You Think More

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The world has approximately seven billion people, and almost everyone has some expectations. Maybe, from their partner or from their family and the most from themselves.

Each one of us has different aspirations with some of them being good while few of them being super naughty.

We have compiled some of the funniest reality Vs expectation pictures that will make you laugh over the day.

Let’s have a look.

Now, I have no more urge to watch girls in a swimsuit.

Do you want to have some steam bath?

That pouty face.

Trying to look like a stud?

Being lazy to type?

I want to try this and not fail at it.

Want some hot chocolate?

True that!

When your girlfriend forces you to talk to her parents.

Group studying never helped me.

I wish this was easy!

I will always love my pets.

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Source by: wittyfeed