Interesting Things You Never Knew About Everyday Items

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Look around you. There are a lot of things you don’t know about everyday items in arm’s reach. Now, look at the items below. Most people can’t figure out the purpose of the below items. But when you find out what they’re each for, it’ll blow you away!

#1. Symbols On Cosmetic Products#1. Symbols On Cosmetic Products

That “12M” symbol represents 12 months. This is used to tell the user the shelf-life of the cosmetics they are using.

#2. Black iPhone Hole

#2. Black iPhone HoleSo, what is this hole in between the lens and flash? It’s actually a microphone which helps to deliver clear audio during all functions. So no, it isn’t a CIA listening device. Well, I guess it could be.

#3. X-Acto Knife Safety Feature#3. X-Acto Knife Safety Feature

The bottom of the knife is extremely dull on purpose. It allows you to change blades safely without much fear of losing a finger.

#4. So, That’s What Those Are For…#4. So, That's What Those Are For...

Those little ridges on your Reynolds Wrap are for keeping the roll in place to make it easier to rip off.

#5. Oh, So Now We Know…#5. Oh, So Now We Know...

That little “57” on the Heinz ketchup bottle is not for decoration. It’s actually showing the perfect place to squeeze the bottle in order to get a nice stream of ketchup.

#6. Lollipop’s ridge#6. Lollipop's ridge

That ridge in a lollipop not only works as a whistle (try it) it’s designed to make sure the candy stays in place firmly. Nobody wants their lollipop falling on the ground.

#7. Time To Recycle#7. Time To Recycle

Those symbols tell you the type of plastic each plastic container is made out of. The symbol on the bottom of the container lets you know if it’s recyclable, can be put in a dishwasher or not, and if it is microwave safe.

#8. Nobody Likes Flat Soda#8. Nobody Likes Flat Soda

Those plastic rings on bottle caps aren’t just there to prevent spills. They actually keep the carbonation inside soda to keep them from going flat.

#9. Testing 1,2#9. Testing 1,2

Most headphone jacks have two lines. These are used to make sure audio can be heard in both ears.

#10. Rotating Staples#10. Rotating Staples

That little metal plate on the bottom of the stapler actually bends staples when rotated. Why you would want to do that is an even bigger question!

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