Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Preparing For The End Of The World

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One of the hottest topics being discussed all over the world right now is how a few super wealthy people have decided that an impending apocalypse might be looming in the not too distant future and that they should start preparing for this.

The hype regarding this topic was originally started by a recent article that Evan Osnos posted on, titled; “DOOMSDAY PREP FOR THE SUPER-RICH”, which can be viewed by following this link.

Basically what everyone is talking about is not only the fact that some mega-rich moguls have begun preparing for possible future world-ending disasters, but also just how they have decided to do this.

Steve Huffman of RedditSteve Huffman of Reddit

Steve Huffman the co-founder and C.E.O of Reddit, has for example begun preparations by stocking up on some weapons, ammunition and food. He has also purchased a few motorcycles, and in November 2015 he even had laser eye surgery to up his chances of survival if something catastrophic takes place.

Marvin Liao of 500 Startups

Marvin Liao, a partner of the venture-capital firm known as 500 Startups, has also stockpiled food and water in preparation for a possible disaster. His fear though is that he might not have collected enough items as of yet to make it out alive, should something happen.

Armageddon Armageddon The concept of preparing for Armageddon is not a new one, nor is it an idea reserved exclusively for the ultra wealthy, and there even exists a whole classification of people known as “survivalists” (a term coined by Kurt Saxon, an author of books regarding weapon improvisations).

Doomsday preppers

These “survivalists” mentioned above are basically just groups of people who believe in the end of the world, as well as being “doomsday preppers” (a phrase coined by viewers of the television show of the same name), which is just a fancy term used for those individuals who make preparations in order to be prepared if something bad should happen on Planet Earth.

Fiordland National Park New ZealandFiordland National Park New ZealandSome people are even purchasing what has come to be known as “apocalypse insurance”, which is the concept of buying properties in remote areas of America, as well as New Zealand for use as apocalyptic and disaster hideaways and shelters.

An atomic bomb explosion An atomic bomb explosion 

The possible future disasters that are expected to occur (and which many “preppers” are preparing for) includes a global job loss, a new cold war, mass disorder in the United States of America, a viral epidemic outbreak, atomic bombs, a meteorite crashing into Earth and a huge world-changing earthquake. Although some of these are not expected to end the world, they are still viewed as being catastrophic enough to warrant preparations.

An apocalyptic meteorite crashAn apocalyptic meteorite crash

So what do you think? Could a huge disaster be looming?

Well, I am not sure, but I sure as hell hope not.

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