These Hilarious People Took Snapchat To Another Level

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There is really much more to look into Social media platform ‘Snapchat.’ Earlier, it had a reputation where teenagers used to post nude selfies, but now, there is much more to look into, that you shouldn’t miss.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? Perhaps this could be a new fashion trend.

If the Chiefs’ had the same dedication in having an offense not out of the 1950s, they would be Super Bowl contenders. But, give him credit this took skill and patience

Let’s hope someone helped the Squirrel out of the cup. But, that party had to have been awesome.

Pope Clement wasn’t aware that nobody needs that much gold. Wonder, if his Bible was gold plated?

Now, this takes metaphysics to an entirely new level… Jenga, within Jenga, within another Jenga? Deep.

You have to admire the commitment, we should all take the time to Snap ‘Em All.

This one is for all of the Harry Potter fans in the world. It’s hard to not enjoy all the amazingness within this snap.

Nothing like politics and Bob Ross. He does need to work on his form a bit, but he’s showing some potential. However, I doubt that he did well in the class.

Well…she’s not wrong. The funniest part about this is, a number of bathrooms share that tile pattern. Were the designers of her clothes simply going for the “bathroom look?” There are far too many questions to ask here and just simply not enough time. She pulls this look off well.

Whoever crafted this snap deserves some sort of an award. If there isn’t an appropriate award, a new award ceremony for amazing snaps should be created to recognize this individual. This isn’t one of those “look at my selfie” snaps; this took some time. Bow your head Star Wars fans.

Source by: wittyfeed