These Photoshopped Pictures Of President Trump Will Make You Laugh … Unless You’re A Snowflake!

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Oh, President Trump. It seems despite using Twitter for your late night rants; you still don’t quite understand how social media operates. President Trump has made quite a few enemies since his Presidential campaign began and hasn’t helped to change their minds since he assumed the office. That’s all you need to know to understand why this double-chin fiasco went viral.

#1 The Original Picture#1 The Original Picture

Andy Lassner is an Executive Producer for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. His tweet helped launch the #DoubleChinParty.

#2 And So It Begins#2 And So It Begins“Oompa loompa doompety doo, now I have a President for you!”

#3 Don’t Pout, It Will Be Okay!#3 Don't Pout, It Will Be Okay!No? Not a fan of Christmas presents? It will be alright, President Trump. Maybe Ivanka is inside?

#4 Here’s A Candle For Your Trouble

#4 Here's A Candle For Your TroubleThis is oddly artistic. One could actually take a plethora of different meanings from this one great Photoshop job.

#5 Now That’s Terrifying#5 Now That's TerrifyingWhat’s worse: the fact this looks like a video game character or the hair job? The choice is yours, readers!

#6 Tell Me How You Really Feel#6 Tell Me How You Really FeelThis author didn’t mince words on how they really feel. However, this could make an interesting movie. Of note, notice how they forgot to edit “” at the bottom. That lack of commitment isn’t acceptable!

#7 Now That’s Disturbing#7 Now That's DisturbingSend this to any of your friends on the left of the Nolan Chart for Valentine’s Day. You’ll be able to eat all of their chocolate!

#8 This Is Incredibly Well Done#8 This Is Incredibly Well DoneThis again looks like it came straight out of an actual movie. More artwork than mocking.

#9 Now, This Took Dedication#9 Now, This Took DedicationThis couldn’t have been easy to accomplish. It left me thinking, what combos does Trump have? “Executive Order Smash!”

#10 This Never Ends Well#10 This Never Ends Well

You remember what happened to the last guy who tried to cross Gandalf? “You shall not pass President Trump!”

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