This Tiny Donald Trump creates Internet Storm

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Our very own President Trump is once again getting trolled over the Internet. And this time, he goes ‘tiny’. Sounds fun, right?

Recently, a SubReddit page known as Tiny Trumps has started posting photoshopped pictures of Trump and in those snaps, Donald Trump appears merely 2 feet tall.

Take a look at these memes and I bet you will laugh.

Baby Trump… you are so cute…

Now, it’s time to do something.

Tiny Trump listening to Obama’s instructions carefully.

“Oh! Please help me with my tie”, says Trump.

Meet big Putin & the Lilliputian.

Let’s shake hands…

Follow me, guys!

‘Please spare me, it’s shit time’

Melania, turn left, could you see anyone?

Interview time!

Did you find these pictures funny?

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