You Won’t Believe The Shocking Yet Luxurious Stuff Inmates Get Their Hands On In Prison

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Prison means suffering It’s certainly not easy, and it’s fiery in there. Your day ends in the same closed cube it starts in. Despite all these trials, some of them have scored well. Here are the coolest things that the inmates in prisons get to have.

iPods for their kind of music.iPods for their kind of music.

Inmates at some places get to own an iPod with over a million songs listed. They can pick their favorites and pile up their playlist. Officials don’t allow them to play songs with obscene and racially charged languages, but what more can they ask for? They are criminals. Give them justice, give them Justin.

The company of pets.The company of pets.

It’s a fact that pets calm us down. Maybe several prisons want their inmates to stay calm and enjoy the prison. There they have schemes which allow the prisoners to have pets to keep them company. Just make sure criminals don’t train these pets for their evil causes.

A digital TV.A digital TV.

What do you know? Even they have seen the latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones.’ If prisons give you ways to earn, they also give you things to spend on. Some prisons in England allow the inmates to have skyTV. Being in a room and sticking to a TV the whole day could be boring but not when you are in jail. That turns just awesome then.

Gaming Consoles.Gaming Consoles.

Now, what’s better than the TV? A gaming Console certainly is. It’s for people who like to play it throughout the day, and that keeps them jailed in their houses. So isn’t it a great thing for an inmate to own? And yes, like in real life, they need to pay for it. Moreover, nobody complains.

Lightning fast Internet and Alcohol.Lightning fast Internet and Alcohol.

We all have the Internet, right? No big deal. But what if I told you that a prisoner sits in his cell with a widescreen TV, unlimited alcohol, and the Internet much higher in speed than yours. Pavan Prison, one of the worst prisons in the world had an inmate named El Loco who got this style of prison life. Would you believe it?

Drugs at lower prices.Drugs at lower prices.


Sex with a prostitute is filthy, unsafe, and usually illegal. But if you are imprisoned and not likely to even see a woman for the years of your confinement, prostitutes are priceless. A prison in Honduras has an open market selling all the worldly things including prostitutes. A prison where everything sells.

Better healthcare.Better healthcare.

Some people in poorer areas are so incapable that they are better off in prison. There are several stories where people committed crimes just to get caught and get a better care in jail. Prisons have the legal duty to take care of the inmates, and some smart a**es easily benefit from that.

Work in a first class restaurant.

Some of the prisons in England allow their prisoners to get a high-class training in a prime restaurant called “The Clink.” The restaurant houses entirely in the jail’s premises. Do you want to eat there? Be an offender to have the privilege.

A complete restaurant ownership.A complete restaurant ownership.

What if I told you that a prisoner called Jorge Gutierrez completely owns a restaurant inside a prison. He doesn’t work for some restaurant, but he just owns it.  He also employs other inmates as his staff. A self-made man running his own business in a prison. Isn’t it awesome? The story is again from a jail in Honduras.

At last, I don’t say that any of these prisons are luxurious. Prisons are hell. But the thing is, at least these offer some liberties to the inmates to choose their pastime and lifestyle.

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